Martin Lowrie

Thanks, Tim. I recently led the engagement with Blue Cow Software that was acquired by a strategic acquirer. I first met Mark Nardone, the CEO at Blue Cow, at a selling up selling out conference and Mark really took to heart the advice that we gave him to make sure that he boosted his valuation when we took the company up to market. That really became obvious when we went to market and found all of these buyers that were extremely interested in the company. We ended up selling the company in four months, which is really almost unheard of in the industry, which I think shows how attractive Blue Cow was in the marketplace.

So, I just want to take a moment to congratulate Mark and the team at Blue Cow Software for a great acquisition and being such an easy client to work with. Thanks, Mark. And Tim, back to you.

Tim Goddard

Excellent. Thanks, Martin and congratulations to you and the team of Blue Cow for setting a new record for closing, only one month after going to market. Nice work.

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