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Corum's experience makes the difference. Hundreds of software M&A transactions spanning six continents during its 29-year history let Corum deliver a proven business process conducted by the top professional staff using the industry's deepest research and world's largest buyer database. Corum has sold more software and related technology companies than anyone.

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If you’re looking at taking advantage of today’s strong M&A market, what can you do to make sure you’re bringing the most valuable company possible to market? There’s no easy trick to building a valuable technology company, but there are specific things that owners and executives can do to maximize that value when preparing for an exit, whether this year or farther down the road. June 9, hear from Corum’s global team of dealmakers for their perspectives as both M&A advisors and CEOs themselves--what they’ve seen drive real value in actual transactions, and how companies like yours can put these best practices to use.

quotesThe Corum people were professional - smart, discerning, sharp, and experienced with a negotiating style that was clearly win-win. I'm glad Corum was on my side.quotes

John Zitzner
Bradley Company