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Corum's experience makes the difference. Hundreds of software M&A transactions spanning six continents during its 29-year history let Corum deliver a proven business process conducted by the top professional staff using the industry's deepest research and world's largest buyer database. Corum has sold more software and related technology companies than anyone.

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When selling a software or related technology company, naturally the question of valuation is at the top of your mind. But how do you capture the effort, ingenuity and investment poured into your company in a dollar value? Where do you even begin?

Corum Group is the world's leading expert on technology company valuations, with over three decades of experience. On September 8, benefit from that experience by tuning into Tech M&A Monthly - "12 Steps to a Successful Valuation." Corum's team of senior global dealmakers will walk you through valuation processes, methods, goals and strategies  that will help your company achieve an optimal outcome when the time comes for M&A.

quotesSelling your company is not very different from any other sales process and can often be a numbers game. We would not have been able to come up with the long list of potential buyers and manage the discussions with them on top of our daily business without the help of Corum. quotes

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