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Corum's experience makes the difference. Hundreds of software M&A transactions spanning six continents during its 29-year history let Corum deliver a proven business process conducted by the top professional staff using the industry's deepest research and world's largest buyer database. Corum has sold more software and related technology companies than anyone.

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The booming public markets, rising valuations and increasingly active Private Equity firms are helping drive a boom of more complex tech M&A deals--stock, earnouts, debt and other structural methods are being used to bridge gaps and get deals done. But more complexity can mean more risk if you aren't properly prepared. November 10, Corum's global team of senior dealmakers will share 12 deal structure tips to help you achieve an optimal outcome when you sell your technology company.

quotesWhen we first went to market, Corum, with their experience and offices all over the world, spent time with us going through who the potential partners could be. And, frankly they were everywhere. The tech headlines can just as easily be out of England, Germany, France, Finland, Korea, China or North America. Some of the biggest and fastest growing firms in the tech world are not in the U.S. so we felt it imperative to do a truly global buyer search. We’re glad we did. quotes

Steve Peltier