Boutique is a buzzword typically used to indicate smaller size and more hands-on service, so banks identify themselves as boutique investment banks to draw customers interested in having more personal say in their investments and more personal contact with their broker. Boutique investment banks also often have a specific business focus, such as Software or Real Estate. Like larger investment banks, boutique investment banks offer investment opportunities in areas like mergers and acquisitions (M&A), buyouts, reverse mergers, growth capital raises and so forth.

So what's the difference between a boutique investment bank and Corum?

We are frequently lumped into the category, Corum Group is not an investment bank, as it does not take investments from any clients. Rather, Corum Group is an M&A intermediary, narrowly focused on one thing: selling software companies. The result? The largest body of Tech M&A transactions in history. Corum also educates the industry with the leading Tech M&A Monthly webcast and in-person events.