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​There are a record number of deals and buyers in the tech M&A market.  This is the time to go to market—or go back to market, perhaps.  But how do you stand out to get the attention of potential acquirers?  Buyers will tell you that “you have one breath” to get their attention—learn to do it effectively from the experts.  It all comes down to four key steps: preparation, research, messaging and contact.  On June 13, join us for Tech M&A Monthly, as a follow up to last month’s special report on “The New Buyers & Bolt-Ons.”

Date Event Title
13 June 2019 1:00PM New York time Tech M&A Monthly: Getting Acquirer Attention
14 June 2019 2:00PM Sydney time Tech M&A Monthly: Getting Acquirer Attention - APAC Rebroadcast
14 June 2019 11:00AM Berlin time Tech M&A Monthly: Getting Acquirer Attention - EMEA Rebroadcast

quotesWhen we first went to market, Corum, with their experience and offices all over the world, spent time with us going through who the potential partners could be. And, frankly they were everywhere. The tech headlines can just as easily be out of England, Germany, France, Finland, Korea, China or North America. Some of the biggest and fastest growing firms in the tech world are not in the U.S. so we felt it imperative to do a truly global buyer search. We’re glad we did. quotes

Steve Peltier