Vertical market technlogy companies sell to specific segments of the market—as broad as healthcare, or as narrow as car washes. In other words, vendors in this space develop software consumed by a specific industry. Niche solutions come in many flavors and serve a multitude of industries, both large and small. The technology could be an enterprise level application sold to a small, medium or large sized business or an application critical to the operations of a single department of an enterprise.

Corum has a long history of working with vertical market technology companies to find the right partner. Sometimes these are acquirers with related products in the same sector, others are outside the sector and seeking a beachhead inside of it. Occasionally, software developed for a specific sector finds broader application in the hands of a larger, horizontal technology company.

Corum tracks key deals, trends and valuation metrics across the entire Vertical Technology sector in its Tech M&A Monthly webcast, and annually in its Global Tech M&A Report.