This may be the most important transaction of your life.

As former CEOs, we understand what you're going through. Corum's business model was built from the ground up, with the processes and resources to insure the job is done right. No competing M&A firm has the same level of essential knowledge, regardless of the claims they may make. Our track record reflects that. Our business model ensures it. With over 20 years of experience and hundreds of deals under our belts, fundamental success factors have emerged that reflect Corum's strengths, standing out in bold contrast to the approach of competitive M&A firms.

 We don't assign junior people to do deals. The software industry is unique and complex and not the arena for M&A generalists. It takes experience in the software industry and more than a few battle scars to understand not only the dynamics of the deal but also the strategic value the transaction brings to both parties.

 We don't overcommit. Corum always assigns two experienced software M&A advisors to every account, and the number of clients a M&A advisor handles is strictly limited.

 We keep track of the details. Since 1990, we have logged every call, fax, memo, conference call, meeting, etc. on every software company and individual we’ve dealt with. Thus, our software M&A database provides far more information to us on software companies in general and also on buyers, their interest, strategies, people, tactics, etc., than anyone else has.

 We look worldwide for potential partners. Corum offers international exposure with offices and regional directors across Europe, Canada, Latin America and the United States. This is critical as buyers or partners of such firms are seldom local and increasingly, they are international. 

 We maintain a high profile. Attendees of Corum's Selling Up Selling Out and Merge! Software M&A Conferences are involved in nearly 80 percent of the mergers in North America. These conferences provide us with an entrée to buyers that no one else has. Through this series combined with speaking engagements, co-sponsorships, publications, regional software associations and other industry involvements, we interact with more software and IT companies than any other M&A firm. Selling Up Selling Out is the software industry’s longest running and most successful seminar series of its kind. Through it and the newer Merge series, Corum has educated more buyers and sellers on the art and science of the merger and acquisition process than any organization in the world.

 We cultivate your relationships. Success depends on credibility with prospective buyers. To succeed, they must want to take the call. We've earned that right by knowing their business well enough to know what they need and by bringing them opportunities that make sense.

 We never stop selling. Success means we make this practice our business model. Buyers are overwhelmed with information and we must be tenacious in follow through to insure that the strategic message about your company is heard and acted upon.

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