Our Approach to Software M&A

As software M&A specialists who have worked only with software and IT for over 20 years, we are the definitive authority - by design. We've built a business approach that constantly grows its valuable data and access information, extends its global reach, and sets the industry standard for its team quality.

Executing a successful software M&A transaction can be difficult, time consuming, and an activity requiring a team. It's a full time job and requires a range of special skills to do right. Your attention must be focused on running your business. You can't afford to lose momentum and value while you pursue a partner. Further, the most successful M&A transactions are the ones where there was good planning, careful preparation, proper positioning and thorough, professional execution from initial contact to final close. Corum follows a detailed, proven, highly successful process that has netted clients over $6 billion in wealth.

Characteristics of a Corum engagement include:  

Our merger and acquisition process is proven and detailed. We have developed an engagement methodology and proprietary tools that help insure the follow-up and follow through necessary to be successful. We are actively involved on multiple levels in making personal contact with the decision makers who need to know about opportunities. Because we have a highly effective process, we can take clients to market quickly.

Our software M&A database is the industry's most extensive. With over 70,000 contacts and five million entries in our database, our clients have access to a knowledge base that no other M&A firm can match or likely replicate. Crucial to the process is the kind of highly relevant information we have on decision makers, how to access them, their process, approaches, valuation methods, and choice of structures, etc., that has been gained from our ongoing research, conferences, industry participation and client activity reports. This critical information has been gathered and continually refined over the past two decades. 

Our searches are global. Make no mistake – these efforts must now be global in scope and no one has Corum's global reach. This provides critical access to our clients as many buyers, or potential joint venture partners, are in other countries. Our international offices, conferences, research and industry relationships abroad give Corum a decided edge in achieving a successful outcome. 

Our experience is superior. Corum never assigns generalists or junior staff to help you. Most of the M&A advisors managing client engagements are former software industry CEO's, who have sold their own companies. They are the most knowledgeable and best negotiators in the industry. They have seen and negotiated every conceivable transaction structure and have successfully averted the multitudes of pitfalls that can and do, kill deals.  Additionally, the other account team members are researchers, writers, and valuators who are undeniably, the leading experts in their field.   

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quotesOne of the things that really gave me a lot of confidence, as Corum took us through the process, was that ultimately, a deal is about the people. It’s about chemistry, the fit, the synergy between the people involved. quotes

Chau Nguyen
Campus Special