You've received offers, you've selected your buyer, you've signed a Letter of Intent—the deal is just about done, right? Wrong! The next phase of the M&A process can be the most treacherous and the most heartbreaking. Due diligence is a buyer’s detailed investigation into the affairs of your company before they complete the acquisition, and these days it is tougher than ever. Inadequate due diligence can kill the deal, or cripple integration even if it goes through. Corum Group's global team of dealmakers shared the "12 Things to Do to Survive Due Diligence", including a special presentation from Black Duck Software on key aspects of technical due diligence. Plus, a look at key deals, trends and valuations in the Infrastructure, Consumer and IT Services tech sectors.

December 10, 2015
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December 2015 Tech M&A Monthly: Surviving Due Diligence
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