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Peri Pierone has spent the last 25 years creating value in the B2B software marketplace. He has held numerous strategic roles with large global firms like SAP, Business Objects and Fiserv where he was part of several key acquisitions and was responsible for introducing a variety of new applications to market. Peri has also held leading roles in several small privately held software companies that eventually sold to large private equity firms or to other strategic buyers. Through the years he has been intimately involved as an insider on numerous transactions as the acquirer and as the one positioning itself to be acquired. Most recently he was CEO of Axiom EPM, where he led the company’s transformation from a traditional enterprise license business to a true SaaS offering. He was instrumental in driving the sale of the company in 2014 to strategic buyer, Kaufman Hall. He received his bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Washington and his M.B.A from Keller Graduate School.

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Posted by Peri Pierone, Vice President on 15 August 2016
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