Timothy Goddard

Good morning, afternoon, or evening, wherever you happen to be in the world. My name is Tim Goddard, EVP of marketing here at Corum. I'm very happy to have you join us for the September edition of Tech M&A Monthly. We have a packed agenda today, so we're gonna jump right into it. First, field reports on three deals closed recently. Then, we report on even more recently the client fishing celebration up in the Gulf of Alaska, then, our September research report, and finally the special report on what to do when you are approached.

So, without any further ado, because we may or may not have time for Q and A based on how long this goes, but if you have questions put them in. We will follow up by email if we don't get to them at the end. Let's jump right in starting with Dave Levine in Vancouver who just sold NTP Software, David?

Field Reports

David Levine

It is my pleasure to announce the acquisition of our client NTP Software by Esperitus. NTP is a pioneer in the management of unstructured data for enterprise and government. The company's core technologies control, analyze, and audit file and object data across all storage platforms for some of the largest organizations in the world, and Corum is thrilled to have helped NTP continue to scale through an acquisition.

The acquisition will provide additional resources so that NTP can help institutions of all sizes manage their data in hybrid cloud and on-premise environments. NTP is the chosen technology by the market leaders in the storage and archiving space, and grew its business with top-tier customers in the commercial, military, and government sectors representing millions of users. The company has been re-branded DefendX. Congratulations to the NTP and DefendX teams.

Timothy Goddard

Thanks, Dave. Now here at HQ Rob Schram, who just sold ExakTime to Providence Equity, Rob?

Rob Schram

It's my pleasure to announce the acquisition of our client ExakTime by Providence Equity. ExakTime provides market-leading SaaS workforce management solutions for the construction and field services industries serving over 7,000 customers and a quarter of a million users daily. Their platform equips businesses with GPS enabled activity tracking and compliance verification plus cloud-based software and direct syncing with accounting and payroll systems. ExakTime is serving as a new platform company foundation for Providence, named Arcoro, with one bolt-on already announced and more to come. Congratulations to the ExakTime team.

Timothy Goddard

Thanks, Rob. And over now to Ivan Ruzic in New York, Ivan?

Ivan Ruzic

I'm very pleased to be able to announce the recent acquisition of our client AnalytixDS by Erwin. Privately held ADS with a staff of 90 and led by co-founder Michael Boggs pioneered the automation of enterprise data mapping as well as metadata-driven automation and governance tools. Our client's robust data management platform has been proven with Fortune 1000 customers on six continents. This acquisition will enhance Erwin's EDGE data governance platform with multiple new features including their broader set of metadata connectors as well as automated code generation, data mapping, and cataloging tools.

We really enjoyed working with Michael, a real industry thought leader and his team, and we were really impressed with both their subject matter expertise and the innovative quality of their technology. This is a great example of how a small and fast growing software company can exploit the white space in products with much larger industry participants. We had several very interested parties in the process and Erwin came out on top because of the strategic fit between the companies and Erwin's desire to aggressively augment its existing products with ADS technology.

Congratulations to Michael and his team, but also congratulations to Adam and his team at Erwin for a strategic acquisition well executed. This transaction highlights the continued demand that strategic buyers are creating as they try to fill out their product and market gaps, and the importance of entrepreneurial companies such as ADS play in the innovation ecosystem.

Timothy Goddard

Thanks, Ivan. Now every year we take clients that have successfully sold up to the Gulf of Alaska. The team just got back just the other day, and our founder and CEO Bruce Milne has a report, Bruce?


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