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Tech M&A Monthly - Deal Structures Today
September 11, 2014

With healthy capital markets, booming public markets and a resurgent IPO environment, deal structures are beginning to move away from the cash-only rules of the last few years. Buyers are using more stock and earn-out, while leveraging cheap debt to sometimes make acquisitions beyond their reach just a couple years ago. When should you consider stock? What’s the role of earn-outs? How should you approach non-competes? Find out during the September edition of Tech M&A Monthly at 1:00pm (NY time). In addition, we’ll take a look at the key deals, trends and valuations from the past month.

Tech M&A Monthly - The New World of Buyers
August 14, 2014

The world of buyers for technology companies is very different than it was just a few years ago. The rise of Private Equity, a new generation of international buyers, disruptive change creating new tech giants and destabilizing old ones – today, your ultimate buyer may be someone you've never heard of, in a country you've never visited. In the August edition of the Tech M&A Monthly webcast, join Corum Group dealmakers and experts as they examine the new classes of buyers that you need to be aware of as you consider your company’s future. Plus the key deals trends and valuations of the last month, and a special report on M&A in the gaming sector.

Tech M&A Monthly - 2014 Mid-Year Report
July 17, 2014

July 17, join us as we mark the halfway-point of this remarkable year for tech M&A, and look both back and ahead. We’ll look back at the notable deals, high valuations and key trends in all six market sand 26 subsectors that have made 2014 such a wild ride. Then, we’ll look ahead at the factors that could bring the ride to a sudden halt—either for the market as a whole, or for your company’s value in particular. Nothing lasts forever, so we’ll be examining the six events that could kill the market, as well as six events that, regardless of the overall environment, could kill your company’s value before you have a chance to realize that value.

Plus, special announcements of deals out of the UK, the US heartland and beyond, plus a look at the way Enmeshed Systems and the blurring lines between hardware and software are driving key deals and high valuations. Don’t miss this extended 45-minute presentation, July 17.

Tech M&A Monthly - M&A Myths, Misconceptions and Misinformation
June 12, 2014

In today’s M&A market, it’s not hard to find advice about how to sell a company. Unfortunately, a lot of it is wrong. And not simply wrong, but potentially damaging, not just to your M&A prospects but to your company’s future. In the June edition of Tech M&A Monthly, join us as we take a look at why so much of the advice you’re getting consists of myths, misconceptions and misinformation that put your company’s value at risk.

Plus, news from the latest deals, a detailed look at how another of the Top Tech Trends, Information Security is driving transactions, plus the key deals, trends and valuations from the last month. Join us June 12 at 1 PM, NY Time, or at one of our rebroadcasts on June 19.

Tech M&A Monthly – Annual Seller’s Panel
May 8, 2014

With deals closing globally during this booming market, many sellers are taking advantage. Could M&A be in your company’s future? Tune in to our annual seller's panel to hear from CEOs and owners of tech firms like you who successfully sold their company during this record spring. Learn how they did it in today's M&A market and tips to take advantage of this historic cycle to improve your value and partnering options. 

You will hear from the following:

  • Javier Medina-Mora, General Director of Inffinix (Mexico City), acquired by Equifax
  • Chau Ngyuen, President & CEO of Campus Special (Atlanta), acquired by Chegg
  • Matt Van Bergen, Co-founder of CITYTECH (Chicago), acquired by ICF International 

We will also examine another Disruptive Tech Trends in depth, with a look at Digital Force Multipliers and how they're driving deals in today’s market. Join us for all this, plus a look at key deals, valuations and trends from Corum’s research team.

Q1:2014 Tech M&A Report - Deals Closing Globally
April 10, 2014

Bolstered by strong public markets, record cash and continuing disruptive technological change, the high volume of Tech M&A deals has carried over into the first quarter of 2014, making for a record spring. Tune in for field reports from the dealmakers in the M&A trenches on deals closing globally.

Plus, details on the key deals, trends and valuations in the Horizontal, Vertical, Consumer, Internet, Infrastructure and IT Services markets for Q1:2014.

Tech M&A Monthly: Top 10 Disruptive Technologies
March 13, 2014

In March, we introduce a new resource for technology firms, both buyers and potential sellers, seeking to gain an insight into the forces driving the current market: the Corum Top Ten Disruptive Technology Trends. The Trends are a distillation of the daily discussions with strategic and financial buyers internationally about the needs and opportunities they see in their market, as well as the thousands of hours of research put in by our research team for our clients and educational events, and exposure to tens of thousands of software firms globally through our hundreds of conferences and educational outreach. Not to mention the very concrete feedback we get on the technology market, in the form of sales of technology companies. Tune in to for a look at the trends that are building the future.

Tech M&A Monthly: Private Equity Roundtable
February 13, 2014

Private Equity is playing an ever more important role in Tech M&A, and there's rarely a deal where they aren't in on the bidding, either directly or through a portfolio company. And no wonder, with $1 trillion in uncommitted funds in 2014--they're outbidding strategic buyers, driving up valuations and changing the competitive landscape. Is your market on their radar? How can you get direct interest from Private Equity? What about from a portfolio company? Find out from our live panel of leading global PE firms, including:

  • Mark Taber, Great Hill Partners
  • John Hodge, RUBICON Technology Partners
  • Devin Matthews, Chicago Growth Partners
  • Sebastian Briens, HGCapital
Forecast 2014 - Global Tech M&A Report
January 16, 2014

We're in the midst of one of the most important periods of tech M&A since the dot-com boom. How long will it last? Who are the key players? What were the key deals of 2013, and what are the trends to watch for 2014? Join Corum experts and a panel of technology luminaries for a look at the year behind and the year ahead. 

Watch this webinar for special reports on fundamental technologies like SaaS, Mobile, Social and Big Data, as well as the key markets of Gaming, Healthcare and Energy, plus the important deals and valuation trends in all six software sectors and 26 subsectors.

Plus, you won't want to miss our luminary panel with their look at the year ahead in technology:

  • Peter Coffee, Strategic Research at SalesForce
  • Reese Jones, futurist & investor at Singularity University
  • Dan Shapiro, seller to Google & one of the most successful crowdfunders ever
  • Dr. Klaus Schauser, creator of GoToMeeting and founder of AppFolio

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