Timothy Goddard (cont’d)

And so if you're taking your company to market, you need to start somewhere, and you generally start with a launch meeting. And so what we're going to do now is we're gonna walk through 10 tips that we've developed over the last 30 years of selling stuff for companies. The best practices of what it looks like to kick off an M&A process. And we're gonna have dealmakers from across the globe, starting with Martin Lowrie in Boston.

Martin Lowrie

Preparation for your launch meeting is the first step in adjusting your mindset to selling your company as opposed to selling your products and services. Adjusting the way you tell your story to the optics of the buyers requires practice and constant vigilance. Lest you slip back into the more comfortable product pitch. Gathering and organizing the information necessary to do this will get you immediately focused on the important factors in the eyes of the buyer community.

You're gonna revisit things like your current year operating plan, your three-year forecast, making those staff changes you've been meaning to make for the last six months, sales and marketing strategies, KPIs like churn rate, length of your sale's cycle and pipeline, and making sure that all major shareholders are aligned with the selling process.

The better prepared you are, the more convincing you will be when faced with buyers and their inevitable questions. And once you've prepared for your launch meeting, you're going to feel a renewed level of confidence with your business, and you'll be invigorated and eager to take your company to market, exactly what's needed to create the most favorable impression in the eyes of the buyer.

Timothy Goddard

Thank you, Martin.


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