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Chegg, The Student Hub, has acquired student deal platform Campus Special. The Campus Special platform, which will be rebranded Chegg Campus Deals, expands the number of ways students can engage with Chegg. Students across more than 500 college campuses use Campus Special to order and pay for food and to discover offers from local and national merchants.  The service derives revenue from every food order placed through its app, in addition to the local and national advertising sold both within the app and in its widely-distributed coupon books. Campus Special offers a unique way for college students to save money on everything from food and clothing to books, auto repairs and more.

"One of the things that really gave me a lot of confidence, as Corum took us through the process, was that ultimately, a deal is about the people. It’s about chemistry, the fit, the synergy between the people involved."
- Chau Nguyen, 
Campus Special
Campus Special
United States
United States
April 2014

quotesFrom identifying the right acquirer and positioning our company to get their attention, to completing due diligence, Corum managed the M&A process carefully yet aggressively to get a deal done. Corum was there for us throughout this entire process and I wouldn't consider any M&A activity in the future without first seeking their assistance.quotes

Warren Marshall