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Ivan Ruzic

Senior Vice President

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Ivan Ruzic has had a successful 30+ year career in the software business that has included virtually every senior executive role. His resume spans marquee companies such as BEA systems, Novell and Borland as well as multiple startups including his own. His international experience is extensive and in addition to the United States has been involved in mergers and acquisitions in Europe, Africa and Asia.   His success and extensive experience qualify him as an expert in building value and realizing wealth. Ivan joined Corum Group, the world’s leading software M&A firm, with a specific focus on educating and helping prospective sellers maximize the value of their technology companies.
Ivan with buyer and seller from his AnalytiX DS Transaction
Ivan keynoting the Software Executive Forum
Ivan keynoting the Software Executive Forum

Select Publications & Presentations

  • “Keeping Your Eye on the Prize - Maximizing the Value of your Tech Company with an Exit in Mind”, Synergy 2018, Atlantic City, NJ, October 2018
  • “Game Changing Technologies for Real-Time Indications and Warning of Sudden Societal Shifts”, AIPO National Conference, Melbourne, Australia, August 2015

  • “Requirements for Establishing an Effective Global Pandemic Indications, Warning and Response System”, Vaccines R&D, Baltimore, MD, November 2015

  • “Zika Virus: Medical Countermeasure Development Challenges”, PLOS: Neglected Tropical Diseases, March 2016

  • “Emotional Analytics Reveals Inherent Biases in News Media Reporting”, WHYY, October 2015

  • “Micro-targeting: PA Gubernatorial Campaign 2014, Mississippi Primary 2014 & Kentucky Primary”, 2014

  • “Identification and Micro-Targeting of Consumer Heavy Locations in Chicago”, 2013

  • “Appropriate Pricing of Community-based Financial Risk”, 2013

  • “Economic Health of Sole Proprietors: An Early Indicator of Voting Behavior?”, 2013

  • “Economic Impact of Marcellus Shale Development on Bradford County, PA”, 2013

  • “Contribution of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing to Local Economies in the United States”, 2012

  • “Impact of the Great Recession on U.S. Retailers”, 2012

  • “Information Security Vendors: Perceptions of Brand Equity, Value and Support”, 2010


Ivan Ruzic on TechExits podcast - FinTech Roundtable - How the Sector Is Doing During the Midst of the Pandemic





Ivan Ruzic on TechExits podcast - Tech M&A in Two Months.