Recently we partnered with World Financial Symposium to release our first-ever tech M&A webinar that focused purely on Latin American tech M&A. The active, ongoing deals in that region may well be one of M&A’s best-kept secrets.

Brazil is recognizable for its enthusiastic economy and vibrant tech industry, and while it doesn’t pay to forget other countries in the region, including Argentina, Mexico, and Chile, we’re seeing deals all over the region.

It’s worth noting, however, that only about a quarter of buyers are from the Latin America region. Stefanini of Brazil is one of the most substantial buyers, but regardless, the statistics say that 75% of deals are coming from outside the continent, mostly from North America, and the US in particular.

This is in keeping with our general statistical view, where 70% of deals are cross-border. While we expect the percentages to remain consistent, we anticipate buyers will start coming from around the world, particularly from China and India.

Next week, October 8, we’re addressing Latin American tech M&A again, with a look at the last quarter of tech M&A throughout Central and South America. We’ll also hear from one of the top cross-border M&A lawyers in Latin America, Guillermo Garay Espinosa, with his perspective on the market.