I'm constantly looking for ways to make the huge amount of resources available on the web relevant to me. I want to be able to quickly find things that interest me and be able to return to them later without straining to remember where I saw them last.

Twitter wasn't good at capturing beautiful pictures with high resolution 2 years ago so next I moved to Google Reader. I still use Google Reader to aggregate all of the blogs that I monitor and its great. Google search is fantastic which makes life easier when I know/remember a few words to go by. But these are just words.


My new fascination is Pinterest. Pinterest is even better than Google Reader because you can search by pictures -- and that is what I have been looking for all along. It connects you to your Facebook friends -- and with common interests you get introduced to stuff that is very relevant.


And I am not alone, Pinterest just got an early investment of $27m from Andreessen Horowitz at a staggering $200m valuation. Their growth in user base is comparable to Facebooks early days and they are seeing 1 Billion pageviews a month. With their current focus aimed at consumers, it will be interesting to see their commercial applications rise up just as quickly.