Hello to all. I'm Bill Montgomery a Senior Vice President with Corum and for a few days more living and working near Portland, Oregon. By the time you read this I'll have moved to central Oregon where I'll continue working deals for Corum. Central Oregon certainly isn't the center of the software world, but the Internet and a good airport make it easy to do the job and best of all, I'll be close to the places I like to play.   I've been with the company for about fifteen years total, most recently since 1997 when I rejoined after a few years back in the software world as a founder CEO of two companies and VP of R&D in a healthcare software company. Like most of the Corum deal people, my clients have been scattered across North America and I've worked on transactions in Europe as well. Virtually every day we get questions about the M&A market and process. This blog provides a way for more software entrepreneurs a chance to share in the exchange. I'm looking forward to participating.