I went to the Madras, Oregon, my adopted home town, 4th of July celebration today. It was a lot of fun. The kick off parade had horses a couple of goats, clowns, old cars, kids on farm wagons pulled by really big pickups, mostly sponsored by vacation bible schools, and I think all fire engines in Jefferson county as the final act. I was impressed that the vintage 1916 tractor leading the parade was able to run, though about every block a guy ran up to the thing and poured water into the radiator from a five gallon bucket. I figure the parade participants threw more candy to the many little and not so little kids than was hurled in the Christmas parade.

After the flag was raised and a pretty good singer sang the Star Spangled Banner the multi-church choir sang a couple of patriotic songs and the mayor and city council lined up to get wet in the dunk tank. Listening to the choir, I was reminded of the day about nine months ago when we moved in when I was earnestly informed by the owner of one of the many Mexican restaurants in town there are more churches in Madras than people and youll love it here. The number of churches is overstated, though there are lots and its true, we love it here. When it gets dark were heading up the hill to get a good view of the fireworks.