This week the World Financial Symposiums Growth & Exit Strategies for Software & IT Companies conference was held here in Seattle. Corum is the platinum sponsor of this event, and we were very proud to help bring together an amazing lineup of investors, technology executives and visionaries to help educate Seattle's technology leaders about financial and other strategies to apply to their companies.

There will be a lot of media coming out of the event that we'll be sure to link to here, but for the moment I'll share some of the media reporting on the conference, from John Cook of Geekwire, who was also a panelist at the event:

  1. Ignitions Cam Myhrvold: The problem in Seattle isnt money, its the entrepreneurial talent
  2. The wisdom of Tom Huseby: Advice and zingers from Seattles most quotable VC
  3. Seattle angels on what they look for in entrepreneurs, and why startups fail

The top article, in particular, has sparked a great deal of online discussion about the state of the Seattle venture capital community.