We are seeing true renaissance with Blue Collar Software that is driving value, efficiency, reduction of waste, and significant improvements in employee happiness. Verticals are popping up everywhere, with a wealth of opportunities in the first mile, middle mile, and last mile. The WFS Blue Collar Panel included Joel Espelien from Corum Group, Phil Morris from Mariner, Ray Lubeck from vMobile, and Jeremy Holland from Riverside...

5 Reasons Blue Collar Software Has Taken Off

  1. There is a large but underserved workforce in manufacturing, transportation, utilities, construction, hospitality, and agriculture industries.
  2. Strong business cases (ROI) around increased productivity, better quality, reduced waste, enhanced safety & compliance, and better overall efficiency.
  3. More automation through IoT and APIs to legacy systems.
  4. Greater Accessibility on mobile devices including both Wi-Fi, and 3G/4G/5G.
  5. Public cloud (including data analytics and AI) tools making it possible to work with the data at reasonable cost.