Over the last three months, weve seen video game and casino companies getting quite serious about online casino games. Zynga leads the pack with Zynga Poker at more than 30 million monthly active users.


  • January saw IGT, the casino slot machine maker, buy Double Down, famous for its online casino game on Facebook with more than 4.7 million active users at the time. This transaction was reported to be worth $500M.


  • In March, we saw Big Fish Games buy Self Aware Games for their mobile-social casino game Card Ace: Casino. The transaction value was not disclosed.


  • At the beginning of April, Accel Partners invested $14M in social games company Dragonplay, best known for Live Holdem Poker Pro on Android. They report more than 12 million installs and 2 million monthly active players.


What does all this mean? Clearly, online and mobile casino games are popular and additive. Big bets are being placed in the casino games market. Heres the kicker: how much more will these companies be worth if and when our state and federal governments legalize online gambling?


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