Corum Group is currently running over 200 educational events a year, and we're doing a record number of transactions. The most asked question I get is how long will this tech M&A boom last? Good question. Software and IT company owners worry, as they should, for much of their wealth is tied up in their company. When to sell is all about timing. And for baby boomers, time itself, you're running out of it. Look, markets run in cycles. We all know people who missed the window, fell victim to the .com market collapse or the financial meltdown of 2008.

And now, today, we're 11 years into a seven-year bull market cycle. Does that worry you? Because when markets turn, it's ugly. You lose 40% of your value in just the first six months. Half the buyers disappear and it gets worse. You may not even be able to sell at all. On average, it takes seven years for values to recover. Do you have that much time if you're a baby boomer?

Then there's life itself. Sometimes you see wealth go up in smoke. It breaks your heart. Here's a case of two friends, both had untimely deaths, a friend in Denver, I'd known for years, and a ski buddy in Munich. Once worth over $80 million between them, their wives ended up with nothing. Don't let that happen to you. While the world crawls out of the pandemic, hearing happy talk from our politicians, we can't ignore one immutable fact. We're overdue for a correction. How long can the government spend like there's no tomorrow?

So just to be safe, boomers need to think about calibrating this market. See what you're worth. We're finding it's more than people think. With a professional global search, the worst that can happen is that you will tune your business model, refine your market position, get great market feedback and you'll open lots of doors for business. Then of course, the goal is to get an acceptable offer.

Any one of these benefits will justify the time and expense of a full global partner search. Boomers beware, you don't want to miss the best tech M&A market in history.