After a record breaking September AI event, Dr. Ivan Ruzic, AI expert and senior M&A advisor will be joining us again for 'AI and the New M&A Playbook' Part II. Dr. Ruzic will address key topics on generative AI and its implications in M&A. Identifying your position in the current market amidst GenAI adoption will be a game changer in planning your successful exit.

This webcast will address the challenges facing software and IT companies arising from AI’s rapid evolution:

  • Ahead or behind the adoption curve: When is the right time to sell?
  • Tech Valuations: How are companies in the process of AI integration valued in today’s M&A market?
  • Market calibration: Are buyers only looking for companies that have already integrated sophisticated AI in their business models?

Additionally, we’ll explore M&A activity and trends in the AI sector.


This webcast will be hosted in partnership with the World Financial Symposiums. To see a list of their other upcoming events, please visit


Ivan Ruzic's photo

Ivan Ruzic

Senior Vice President