The Database Makes the Difference - No One Else Has It

DatabaseAs our first step in creating this new kind of M&A advisory firm, we invested in the largest database process in the industry. We began tracking every client engagement communication, confidential contacts, due diligence requests, contracts, buyer negotiation strategy, etc. We subscribe to a wide variety of subscription databases, and update and supplement this information with Corum proprietary research centers in the US, Europe and Asia that uncover over 15,000 new companies every year.

Corum Group Tombstones


Today, we’ve invested over $25,000,000 in this database consisting of over 11 million entries gathered over the last two decades. No one in the world has it. Every new client stands on the shoulders of every transaction we’ve been involved with, full of confidential buyer information; a decided advantage in getting to the right people with their partnering message.




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