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In today’s seller’s market for technology companies, it’s easy find advice on how to sell a company. Unfortunately, a lot of it is wrong. And not simply wrong, but potentially damaging, not just to your M&A prospects but to your company’s future. In the May edition of Tech M&A Monthly, Corum’s global team of dealmakers will examine 10 misconceptions that can put your company’s value at risk, kill deals, and even destroy companies. Plus, news from the M&A trenches, plus key deals, trends and valuations from the last month. 

quotesWe worked with the Corum team from start to finish, beginning with the management of our response to the unsolicited approach from a non-European buyer, to positioning of the company and on to introducing it to other potential acquirers around the globe, to negotiating the various proposals and through to closing. Corum was paramount in getting our transaction done. quotes

Pekka Ruusunen
Fastrax Oy