InterConnections, Inc.
Spring 2003

So what do you do when you’ve built one company, sold it, and founded another that is taken public with one of the biggest first run ups in history? Some people go fishing, but Joe Pruskowski likes life a little faster, so he turned to car racing! And the same energy and drive that made him a successful software entrepreneur made him one of the country's best amateur drivers.

Joe co-founded InterConnections, Inc., a provider of networking software that connected minicomputers with PC LANs. Beginning as Vice President of Engineering, he was later promoted to CEO and engaged, at which point he engaged Corum to assist in finding a partner for the company. This effort resulted in an acquisition of InterConnections by EMULEX Corporation.

After InterConnections, Joe was the founding CEO of CacheFlow, a venture-backed provider of Web caching appliances. He was responsible for the initial business planning and fund raising, which culminated in over $14M of investment including both private and venture capital funding. CacheFlow's headquarters were later moved from Washington to California and Joe elected to remain in Washington and pursue his consulting business and newer passion – auto racing.

Joe only began his racing career five years ago at the age of 42. He competed in Club Formula Ford in the Pacific Northwest over the past four years, winning two races, taking seven poles, and winning the ICSCC Club Ford Championship in the 2001 season.

2002 was Joe's first season in pro racing and competition in the Star Mazda North American Championship. His race team, Quantum Autosports, was also completely new to professional racing in the 2002 season. As a rookie driver in a rookie team, Joe's results were spectacular!

Joe won the Star Mazda Masters Championship (for drivers over 45 years of age), finished second in the Rookie of the Year Championship, and was 6th overall in the National Championship. He took pole position for the Road America Race, and had 4 top-ten finishes.

In 2003, in addition to driving with Team Seattle at Daytona, Joe and the Quantum Autosports team will compete in the Fran-Am 2000 North American Pro Championship Series. His short-term goals are to win the Daytona 24-Hour Race, and Fran-Am races both as a driver and team owner. His long-term goals are to continue to progress as a driver and to build Quantum Autosports into a successful team, which competes in a variety of race series and provides an assortment of racing services.

Joe is a good friend of Corum’s and we of course, are great fans of his. GO JOE!