2014 Predictions

  • In the wake of the NSA privacy intrusion debacle and indiscriminate internet sharing of everything, personal obfuscation and anonymity appliances will go mainstream.
  • The technology that empowers self-driving cars will engender the adoption of regulated 3D sky-corridors for corporate and personal data drones - a logical forerunner to airborne personal vehicles in years to come.
  • Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) over-unity power generation devices will be manufactured in China and introduced into the consumer market at prices enabling a back-to-nature migration for portions of the population.
  • “Faraday” headwear will be included in the new wave of wearable devices to preserve our craniums from excessive RF.
  • Wearable biometric sports devices will make inroads into the M2M telemedicine market.
Posted by , Executive Vice President on 29 January 2014
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