Tobii acquires Phasya
Tobii acquires Phasya

About the transaction

Phasya’s AI-based software analyzes biometric signals such as eye tracking or heart rate to monitor cognitive states including drowsiness, cognitive load, and distraction. The company’s algorithms are necessary components in all Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS), to understand the driver states impacting safety, driving experience, and comfort. Phasya’s solutions can also be deployed within industries such as aviation, rail, and consumer electronics. The solution is built on more than a decade of cutting-edge research in collaboration with The University of Liège, Belgium.

Phasya’s technology and long experience within development and validation of algorithms to assess cognitive states is highly complementary to Tobii´s expertise and eye tracking technology. This will enhance Tobii’s Driver Monitoring System, Tobii DMS, that was announced today. It also opens new opportunities for using cognitive state information in several markets, such as VR, AR, Scientific Research, and Gaming, providing substantial synergies. The company currently collaborates with numerous customers within automotive, technology, and aviation, as well as with leading industry associations providing key relationships for Tobii and Phasya to build on.

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