ShopperTrak - RapidBlue

Helsinki-based RapidBlue Solutions Oy, a leading European provider of retail data and analytics, has been acquired by ShopperTrak, the world’s largest counter and analyzer of retail foot traffic, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

The acquisition of RapidBlue will provide ShopperTrak with an expanded insight into consumer shopping behavior, as well as the tools to analyze the effectinvess of marketing and merchandising.

"Corum’s team and process were critical in achieving this outcome. In particular in helping navigate the complications in a cross-continental acquisition."
- Gavin Weigh, 
United States
June 2013

quotes I think that the one thing that, as we looked at different firms to help represent us, one of the things that really hooked us, and I believe was still a big factor, was the fact that we had a firm who understood the software side of our business, a firm specializing in software, and I think that helped us immensely in the process because we weren't having to go in and educated a firm or broker on how to speak our language to potential buyers. I think that was one of the things that made an easier decision for us to select Corum in that process. quotes

David Gorman
Clearview Staffing Software, Inc.