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Computer Law Systems is a leading provider of financial and case management software solutions for private law firms, corporate legal departments, and government agencies. Corum Group advised CLS in its sale to Rainmaker, a subsidiary if ASA International. 

The acquistion provides Rainmaker with an increase in its mid-size law firm client base and a greatly expanded presence in both corporate law departments and government agencies.

"Corum’s expertise was very helpful in that, not only in terms of identifying some of the ways that might make this integration work best, but they had also done a deal prior with this same company as well, so they knew the people involved, and that was significantly helpful."
- Steve Schley, 
Computer Law Systems
Computer Law Systems Inc.
United States
Rainmaker Software
United States
January 2005

quotesWhen we first went to market, Corum, with their experience and offices all over the world, spent time with us going through who the potential partners could be. And, frankly they were everywhere. The tech headlines can just as easily be out of England, Germany, France, Finland, Korea, China or North America. Some of the biggest and fastest growing firms in the tech world are not in the U.S. so we felt it imperative to do a truly global buyer search. We’re glad we did. quotes

Steve Peltier