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DTR is an international leader in manufacturing, distribution andfinancial management software that is rich with industry-specific functionality for plastics processors. Corum Group advised DTR in its sale to Made2Manage, a leading provider of comprehensive enterprise software and services for small and midsize (SME) manufacturers.

The acquistion allows Made2Manage to become the leading provider of ERP software for SME plastics processors.

"As far as the Corum people are concerned, you will find that every single one of them down to the secretary are extremely professional. They know how to deal on your behalf and they are great at negotiating. Ultimately they structured an excellent deal for us. I will say this, would I do another transaction with the Corum people? Absolutely."
- Rusty Russ, 
DTR Software International
DTR Software International
United States
Made2Manage Systems Inc.
United States
August 2004

quotesWhen we first went to market, Corum, with their experience and offices all over the world, spent time with us going through who the potential partners could be. And, frankly they were everywhere. The tech headlines can just as easily be out of England, Germany, France, Finland, Korea, China or North America. Some of the biggest and fastest growing firms in the tech world are not in the U.S. so we felt it imperative to do a truly global buyer search. We’re glad we did. quotes

Steve Peltier