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Dorian Software Creations, Inc., is a leading developer of easy-to-use Windows-based event log management software and other network and Active Directory management solutions to small business, government agencies and leading companies globally. Ipswitch develops and markets innovative Windows-based software that makes the Internet and intranets accessible and manageable. Ipswitch™ WhatsUp Gold is a network management software solution with thousands of networks reliably managed worldwide.

Ipswitch acquired Dorian and its Windows Security Event Management (SEM) and log management tools in a strategic M&A transaction that will empower their customers to collect, store, report, monitor, alert on event logs in real time and do forensic analysis of events

"The Corum team was an incredible asset to us during the M&A negotiation process. We knew about key issues ahead of time before they surfaced, allowing us to prepare in advance as needed. Plus, they provided a key division of labor for us and kept our focus where it needed to be - on continuing to run our business successfully."
- Andy Milford, 
Dorian Software Creations, Inc.
Dorian Software Creations, Inc.
United States
Ipswitch Inc.
United States
March 2010

quotesHaving the Corum team leading the process was key in the deal making and getting the job done. quotes

Franck Noiret
Innovation Capital