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Albat + Wirsam Software AG Group is the market leader for overall software solutions for the flatglass industry. A+W offers customer-oriented solutions for the most varied and complex production needs, encompassing production planning, control and optimization as well as individually tailored ERP and commercial systems, bar-coding and CAD solutions. Glaston Corporation is an  international glass technology company.

"The Corum team was faced with a short window of opportunity, and deftly brought us to the table with the right contacts from several key players in our industry, creating a near auction environment that resulted in a very favorable outcome for SBT's shareholders."
- William Mills, 
SBT Accounting Systems
Albat + Wirsam Software AG Group
Glaston Corporation
July 2007

quotesOne of the things that really gave me a lot of confidence, as Corum took us through the process, was that ultimately, a deal is about the people. It’s about chemistry, the fit, the synergy between the people involved. quotes

Chau Nguyen
Campus Special