Bosch Group - inubit AG

Berlin based inubit AG is the leading supplier of comprehensive, enterprise-level Business Process Management solutions in Europe and dominates the German language countries. Corum Group represented inubit in its sale to the Bosch Group.

inubit offers software solutions for companies in the utilities, insurance, automotive and logistics, telecommunications, and healthcare industries. They will play an important part in expanding Bosch’s activities on the internet of things and services. The ability to provide business processes in enterprise solutions and on internet platforms made inubit very valuable for the Bosch Group.


inubit AG
Bosch Group
July 2011

quotesAt eNotez we created technology to facilitate communications between wireless devices and the Internet. Corum identified Infospace as our best partner, and negotiated a transaction that satisfied my shareholders, while helping me take the technology to the next level.quotes

Jamie Toelle