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Glisser is an award-winning platform for virtual and hybrid meetings and events. Glisser enables companies to power engaging experiences that deliver leads and revenue, internal communications, hybrid workforce management, interactive training programs, on-demand events, and all kinds of meetings in between.

Glisser provides smart engagement tools and analytics that enables custmomers to gather instant feedback and trends that integrate with the company CRM. The platform also integrates with popular event apps, major registration providers, and translation tools to create unique events. Glisser offers both a ready-to-go ‘off the shelf’ platform and a completely customizable ‘build your own’ solution, providing control of the look and feel of the virtual events. Software Development Kits (SDKs) allow users to create unique experiences using Glisser's highly-developed components inside their own websites, intranets or even 3D ‘Metaverse’ environments.