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Serge Jonnaert

Senior Vice President

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San Diego
(818) 646-4104
SergeJ () corumgroup ! com


Serge joined Corum after 30 years of strategy, product, and service accomplishments from ideation to global success. He is a technology entrepreneur and trusted advisor with experience in enterprise, cloud, big data, AI, interoperability, and IoT solutions for consumer, healthcare, and industrial markets. He has a successful track record of facilitating and closing global distribution, partnership, consortium, government, and M&A deals, in the US and abroad. He is fluent in English, Dutch, French, and German and has a strong cross-cultural affinity. Serge sits on several boards including as President for the IVD Industry Connectivity Consortium, Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE), as well as a member of the SHIELD Clinical IVD workgroup, which includes representation by the FDA, CDC, NIH, ONC, CMS, and other industry groups. He is also a judge on the annual Edison Award™, honoring excellence in innovation.