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John Kirkpatrick has 30+ years entrepreneurial and consulting experience in ICT, Digital Media and IoT. A courageous entrepreneur and intrapreneur, he’s been a visionary force with start-up, pivot and global brand expertise, building several software services organizations. A digital transformation leader, founder and CEO of an award-winning CMS digital media SaaS company, he became known as “JK” to hundreds of colleagues at 3M after an M&A event with the Fortune 100 company. As a pioneer of pragmatic digital intelligence and cognitive neuroscience decision logic, JK led 3M into industry segments such as smart retail, hospitality, transportation, banking, telecom, and adtech. Solution touchpoints included web, apps, digital signage, email, kiosks, IoT, and call centers. His success and extensive experience qualify him as an expert in building value and realizing wealth for transformational leaders. JK joined Corum Group, the world’s leading software M&A firm, with a specific focus on educating and helping prospective sellers maximize the value of their technology companies.