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Elon Gasper

Executive Vice President, Research & Technology

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Elon Gasper founded pioneering animation and speech software company Bright Star Technology in the 1980s. With Corum's assistance he closed venture funding, expanded and then sold Bright Star to a public company in the early 90s. He holds 9 patents for his software innovations and was a finalist for the Fleugelman, the only personal achievement award given by the Software Publishers Association. He has also won a Traditional Game of the Year, a Best Practices for Product Innovation, a COMDEX Envision and a Codie, the retail software 'Oscar'. After Bright Star, Elon went on to drive development, business and marketing strategies in a variety of companies and roles, including Chief Technologist in entertainment giant Vivendi Universal's Sierra Online division; Senior VP at VizX Labs, a pioneering SaaS business delivering DNA analysis tools to scientists; and participant in a number of other start-ups, notably in the medical device, geoweb and telecommunications spaces.
Elon, fishing in the Gulf of Alaska with clients who successfully sold
Elon's company Bright Star Technology was one of Corum's first clients