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Tech M&A Monthly: 10 Keys to a Valuable Valuation
December 14, 2017

What is your company worth? When selling a software or related technology company, valuation is obviously a vital question. But how do you take all the effort, ingenuity and investment poured into your company, and come up with a dollar value? How do you even start?


Corum Group is the world's leading expert on tech company valuations, with over three decades of experience. Benefit from that experience by tuning in to the December edition of Tech M&A Monthly as Corum's research and client services teams walked through "10 Keys to a Valuable Valuation." We examined the valuation processes, methods, goals and strategies to help your company achieve an optimal outcome when the time comes for M&A.

Tech M&A Monthly: 15 Ways to Find Buyers
November 9, 2017

The more qualified buyers you can bring to the table, the better your chances for an optimal sale of your company. But how do you build the ideal buyers list, with the right combination of "A list and B list" buyers? What about Private Equity, non-tech buyers, or international firms? View the November edition of Tech M&A Monthly for a look at how Corum Group builds buyers lists--our dealmakers walked through 15 things you need to be able to do in order to identify potential acquirers for your company.

Q3:2017 Tech M&A Report + Succession Planning
October 12, 2017

Strong public markets and high demand for disruptive tech  are continuing to drive high valuations for technology companies. Corum Group’s research team looked at the key deals, trends and valuations across all six tech sectors and 30 subsectors. What sectors are getting the highest valuations? What are acquirers after? How long will these good times continue? We addressed all these questions and more—plus, a look at key questions of succession planning. What should you be doing before, during and after a tech M&A transaction to ensure that the value you have created goes where it is supposed to? 

Tech M&A Monthly: 10 Rules for Writing an Executive Summary That Sells
September 14, 2017

You've built a uniquely valuable asset in your software company, but how do you convey that unique value to a buyer? How do you get a buyer to seriously consider acquiring your company? In today's fast-paced world of tech M&A, buyers don't have time for drawn out "books" of information. The best tool for reaching them is a clear, succinct Executive Summary document that clearly outlines the opportunity created by acquiring your company.


But how do you write such a document? What are the pitfalls to avoid? How do you balance a need for brevity with a description of your complex technology and company? Find out as Corum's dealmakers discussed 10 Rules for Writing an Executive Summary That Sells.

Tech M&A Monthly: 9 Practical Tips for Presenting to Acquirers
August 10, 2017

Presenting your company to potential acquirers is unlike any other kind of presentation. You’ve pitched products, investors and partners, but when the product itself is your company, it requires a new approach for what could be the most important presentation of your life. Corum’s global team of dealmakers walked through nine practical tips for giving management presentations during the tech M&A process. What should you present? How should you present it? Who should be involved? We covered key insights based on decades of experience to help you prepare. Plus, deals, trends and valuation metrics from across the technology industry.

Tech M&A Monthly: 2017 Midyear Report
July 13, 2017

Public markets were hitting records, valuations were at all-time highs, and buyers were hungry for companies with the disruptive technology they needed to succeed in this era of rapid change. How should technology company owners, investors and executives be thinking about M&A in today's environment? How long will this boom last?


Listen in to the Tech M&A Monthly Midyear Update, for a detailed analysis of the key deals, trends and valuation metrics across all six technology sectors and 30 subsectors. Plus, an update on this year's Top 10 Disruptive Technology Trends—how have trends like AI Enablement, Visual Intelligence Systems and Connected Health driven deals this year? What’s next? What do these complex, interrelated trends mean for your company's future?  

Tech M&A Monthly: 14 Steps to Create a Bidding War
June 8, 2017

There is no way to get optimal value for your company without multiple bidders. But how do you make this happen? How do you stage the process to ensure you're fielding multiple offers at the same time, instead of being stuck negotiating one buyer at a time? At Corum, we've been creating auction environments for tech companies for three decades. See how as our global team of dealmakers walked through fourteen steps to take in order to create a bidding war for your company.

Tech M&A Monthly: Misconceptions Killing Deals Today
May 11, 2017

In today’s tech M&A market, it’s easy to find advice on how and when to sell a technology company. Unfortunately, a lot of it is wrong. And not simply wrong, but potentially damaging, both to your M&A prospects and potentially to your company’s future. In the May edition of Tech M&A Monthly, Corum’s global team of dealmakers examined a multitude of misconceptions that can put your company’s value at risk, kill deals, and even destroy companies. Plus, news from the M&A trenches, plus key deals, trends and valuations from the last month. 

Tech M&A Monthly: Q1 Report 2017 – New Buyers and Valuations
April 13, 2017

How did the first quarter of 2017 go for Tech M&A? Did the megadeal mayhem of 2016 continue dominating deal flow? Were private equity deals still soaring? With the public markets hitting records, what did valuation metrics for technology companies look like? Who were the new buyers making waves? Listen in as Corum Group gave the most in-depth look available at Q1 of 2017 for mergers and acquisitions of software and related technology companies. We looked at the key deals, trends and valuations for all six technology sectors and 30 subsectors, with a special report on new buyer strategies. All of this came with a special focus on what it all means for technology executives considering whether this was the right time to take their firms to market.

Tech M&A Monthly: Seller's Panel
March 9, 2017

As the strongest market ever for sellers of technology companies continued, if you were at all considering the sale of your technology company, you didn't want to miss a unique opportunity to hear from fellow founders, owners and CEOs who recently sold. During our annual Seller’s Panel, we heard from international software executives and owners like you, who successfully navigated the M&A process and sold their companies to a global array of buyers. Learn how they did it, what they learned, what surprised them—and what you could do to increase your value.

Panelists include:

·         Dennis Gurock, co-founder of Gurock Software, acquired by Idera

·         Luc Pettett, Founder & CEO of, acquired by News Corp

Tech M&A Monthly: Private Equity Roundtable
February 9, 2017

Private Equity had never been more active in tech M&A. The top financial tech acquirers were consistently making double the deals of the top strategics, a new generation of smaller, agile firms are doing deals of all sizes, while traditional, conservative PE firms finally caught on to technology and were spending billions. And with trillions in funds yet to be spent, they were outbidding strategic buyers, driving up valuations and changing the competitive landscape. Was your market on their radar? How could you get direct interest from Private Equity? What do you do when you’ve got it? What about from a portfolio company? Find out from our panel of leading global Private Equity firms.

Tech M&A Monthly: Forecast 2017 - Global Tech M&A Report
January 19, 2017

The pace of technological innovation had never been faster, and it forced tech and non-tech companies of all sizes to make acquisitions to keep up. Add to that the record levels of buyer cash, strong public markets and increasingly active and strategic Private Equity firms, and you have the recipe for a remarkable 2017.


To get all the tech M&A details for the year ahead and the year just past, listen in with hundreds of technology CEOs globally for the largest tech M&A event of the year – Forecast 2017, the Global Tech M&A Report. We looked at the Top 10 Disruptive Technology trends that will drive deals in 2017, gave 2017 predictions, surveyed how our 2016 predictions turned out, unveiled the annual Corum Index of Tech M&A, and took a look at valuation metrics across the six technology sectors and 30 subsectors. Finally, the highlight of the event was our annual Luminary panel featuring SAP, Salesforce and more. You don’t want to miss the premier event each year for software company owners and CEOs.

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