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Tech M&A Monthly - When You Are Approached
December 12, 2013

In today's fast-paced tech M&A environment, more and more firms are being approached about the possibility of a sale, from pre-revenue, even pre-product startups, all the way through the mid-market, to the major approaches that make the news, sometimes it seems like everyone is getting approached. Here at Corum, we're seeing more and more companies coming to us after they have been approached, but only those who manage discussions properly will get a deal done. In this webinar, we'll help answer the question "What do I do when I've been approached?"

Getting approached is a double edged sword - it means a buyer is interested, but it means they are probably also interested in your competitors. We'll look at the mistakes sellers make when they're first approached, the best strategies for dealing with that first inquiry, and the best methods for turning a single buyer's approach into an auction that will ultimately give you the maximum value and best structure. 

Plus, Corum's research team will give their monthly look at the deals, trends and valuations that are driving these approaches across the technology industry.

Tech M&A Monthly - Hottest Tech M&A Ever - Will You Miss the Window?
November 14, 2013

Are you intrigued by the current tech M&A environment, but planning to wait a year to squeeze out additional growth, close a few more clients, or otherwise get completely comfortable? Learn why that might be a mistake. We’ll take a look at historical patterns of peaks and valleys in the tech M&A market, and at a few current trends that could bring today’s brisk tech M&A to a near-standstill.

Plus, we’ll get field reports from dealmakers with announcements of newly closed deals, firms that took advantage of the best M&A environment ever.

Tech M&A Quarterly: Q3 2013 Report
October 10, 2013

Q3 2013 came to a remarkable close in the tech M&A arena--this report included our in depth quarterly report on the deals, trends and valuations, plus what it all means to technology CEOs, owners and investors considering their M&A options.

In addition to a detailed breakdown of the six software and related technology markets, and the 26 subsectors, the Corum team discussed the latest news from the world of tech & finance, with a look at unusual deals--with Blackberry acquired by an insurance company, we look at other buyers you might not think of; the JOBS Act--with Twitter taking advantage and some of the fundraising provisions coming into effect, how is the impact on tech M&A shaping up? And, finally, Corum President Nat Burgess provides his thoughts on why he thinks this that Tech M&A is currently a seller's market.

Tech M&A Monthly: Global Reports + Ballmer's Exit
September 12, 2013

2013's active M&A market is having impacts worldwide, and a growing number of deals are cross-border--over 70% of Corum's deals involve a buyer and seller in different countries. Hear reports from a global roster of dealmakers and other experts discuss the opportunities unfolding all across the world. Your company's buyer--or next acquisition--could be a firm you've never heard of or in a place you've never visited.

Plus, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer just shocked the tech world by announcing his retirement--a move that will have significant impact on tech M&A. We'll analyze the tech M&A fallout, including how the ripple effect could impact your company.

Join us for all this, plus the Corum Regional M&A Update and the key deals, trends and valuations from the past month.

Tech M&A Monthly – Seller’s Panel
August 8, 2013

With valuations at multi-year highs, record cash held by buyers and an increasingly active Private Equity community, what's it like to sell 2013? In this August webinar, tune in to our annual sellers panel to hear from CEOs and owners of tech firms like you who successfully sold their company in just the past few weeks. Learn how they did it in today's M&A market and tips to take advantage of this historic cycle to improve your value and partnering options. We'll hear from:

  • Martin Bittner, CEO of SolveDirect, acquired by Cisco
  • Gavin Weigh, CEO of RapidBlue, acquired by ShopperTrak
  • Heber Allred, Owner of PlanSwift, acquired by Textura

Plus, the latest deals, trends and valuations in Corum's monthly M&A market update.

2013 Tech M&A Mid-Year Update
July 11, 2013

2013 has been a remarkable year for tech M&A so far, marked by record setting deals, landmark transactions and increasing valuations. What markets have benefited the most? Who is best poised going into the second half? The Corum research team will give an in-depth look at the market--deals, trends and valuations 6 technology sectors and all 26 subsectors. Plus, reports from the M&A trenches on deals just completed.

Tech M&A Monthly: Megadebt & Hypervaluations
June 13, 2013

June's Tech M&A Monthly webcast will examine two of the trends helping drive 2013's hot tech M&A market. Debt is cheap and companies are taking advantage, including Apple's record $17B debt issue recently. We'll hear more about how this "megadebt" trend is shaping M&A.

Meanwhile, companies like Tumblr, Waze and Eloqua are commanding huge valuations, and buyers as varied as Yahoo, Facebook and Oracle are paying a premium when they have their sights set on an acquisition. What's driving these "hypervaluations" and how can you take advantage?

All this, plus our monthly look at the deals, trends and valuations across six software markets.

10 Steps to Successfully Sell Now
May 9, 2013

Record cash, strong public markets and disruptive technology are all helping make this the best time to sell a software or related tech firm since 1999. But how do you take advantage? In this special webcast, Corum CEO Bruce Milne will present "10 Steps To Successfully Sell Now" drawing on his three decades of experience selling technology companies to help you translate your hard work and technical genius into real personal wealth, at one of the most opportune times in recent history.

Tech M&A Quarterly: Today's Hot Market
April 11, 2013

The Tech M&A market in the first quarter of 2013 has been hotter than any time since 2000--bolstered by booming public markets, record cash and continuing disruptive technological change. How is your market faring? During this quarterly report, get the details on the key deals, trends and valuations in the Horizontal, Vertical, Consumer, Internet, Infrastructure and IT Services markets--plus reports on all 26 subsectors.

Tech M&A Monthly: Cisco and The Nordics
March 14, 2013

February was a banner month in 2013, with a record-setting number of deals, even in such a short month! Catch up on the most significant deals of the last four weeks with the Corum Research Report, and get some exclusive insight from Bruce Milne on the Ten Deadly Sins of Tech M&A. Plus, we have a special report on Cisco's deal trends and patterns, and a report on just why the Nordic region is such a powerhouse, and what that means for you.

Tech M&A Monthly: Private Equity Roundtable
February 14, 2013

Private Equity now accounts for 40% of the largest deals, often outbidding the strategic buyers. And with a staggering $1 tillion in uncommitted funds, this trend will continue driving up valuations and impacting the competitive landscape. Is your market on their radar? How can you get direct interest from Private Equity? What about from a portfolio company? Find out from our live panel of leading global PE firms, including Accel-KKR, Riverside and Carlyle.

Forecast 2013: Global Tech M&A - Review & Predictions
January 17, 2013

Corum Group experts and a luminary panel of tech experts will share their their annual predictions for software, IT and related tech. What are the trends in SaaS, Mobile, Social, Big Data, Gaming and Verticals that will affect you? With complete valuation metrics and predictions for all 26 market sectors. 

Who were the top buyers in 2012? Who will be in 2013? More importantly, what will they buy and why? How can you get your firm on their radar? Meanwhile, what are the 10 Deadly Sins of Tech M&A Advisors that you should watch out for?

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