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Tech M&A Monthly - Best of 2012
December 13, 2012

In 2012, Tech M&A Monthly has hosted a remarkable number of guests from across the software industry. In this last event of the year, we've compiled a collection of the best interviews and reports from the past year. Plus, the Corum Research report and the latest field reports from the front lines of tech M&A.

Tech M&A Monthly - Special Impact Report: US Election
November 8, 2012

The US Presidential election was on November 6, but just what will be its impact on Tech M&A? We'll examine the results, and how the winners and losers will affect technology mergers and acquisitions going forward, with particular focus at the impact on the healthcare, defense, energy, educational and compliance software markets.

Tech M&A Quarterly - Tech News Update + China Now + SDN + 26 Subsector Reports
October 11, 2012

How did the latest quarter of Tech M&A go in 2012? Find out with our Third Quarter M&A update, with the latest valuation metrics for the six software markets and 26 subsectors. Plus: The Top 10 Reasons tech M&A is strong, the Corum Index, a special report on Software Defined Networking, and reports from the front lines of M&A.

September Tech M&A Report
September 13, 2012

This September's presentation begins with several topical field overviews from our own in-house experts. We follow that with the Corum Research report on the current trends in last month's M&A deals.  

Finally, we hear from a seller, Chris Mattieu, who tell how you can sell an idea as well as a company, and Austin Scee, who tells you what Versata looks for when buying software companies.

August Tech M&A Report
August 9, 2012

What's it like to sell in 2012's hot market? We'll hear from software CEOs from around the world who have recently sold their company during our second-half sellers panel. Get advice directly from those who have come through this complex process. 

Plus, the Corum Index, and trends and metrics on recent M&A activity. Join us for our new 30-minute format.

2012 Tech M&A Midyear Report
July 19, 2012

After steady increases through Q1:2012, public tech valuations have had a rocky Q2--and yet major deals are getting done for privately-held companies at huge valuations. What does this trend mean for the markets, and for your company? Don't miss out on the 2012 Mid-Year Tech M&A Report, which examines this question with detailed Corum's research team and special guests. Corum's experts also weigh in with spotlight reports on Gaming, Mobile, SaaS, and more.

Selling to Oracle + Retail Wars + Gaming Conference Report
June 14, 2012

June's Tech M&A Monthly looks at broad trends affecting today's hot tech M&A market, as well as key tech sectors that bear watching, and the Corum Index keeps tabs on the overall situation. In May, Oracle grabbed social media firm Vitrue for $300M, kicking off a burst of social media consolidation including several other high valuation deals in the hundreds of millions. 

Join us and hear from Vitrue's CEO Reggie Bradford, just named named the Ernst & Young Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year. Then, hear from Corum's Nat Burgess and Miro Parizek on the latest lessons from the M&A trenches, as they report on several deals Corum's has recently advised, from Korea to Ukraine to New Zealand. Meanwhile, the retail wars are heating up--major tech companies are moving into retail, and retailers are moving into tech. What will the next big move be? 

"Location, Location, Location” + Cloud M&A + Dell’s Deals
May 10, 2012

May’s Tech M&A Monthly was our busiest hour yet! In addition to our market updates and look at current deals and valuations, we had several key special reports. First, a look at geospatial, GPS and location-based tech--GeoEye just made a $790 million bid for Digital Globe, clear confirmation of what Corum's Ward Carter has to say, that the market this technology is surging.   

Plus, Corum's Miro Parizek just hosted a special European conference on major Cloud M&A battle over IaaS, PaaS & SaaS, and he presented some of the key trends in this space--find out who's winning the war. Meanwhile, Microsoft just invested another $605 million in Barnes & Noble. This deal has major implications for mobile, ecommerce and regular, old-fashioned retail commerce as well -- what will it mean for you? We also heard from Carolyn Leighton, one of the most influential women in technology and founder of Women in Technology International (WITI).

Quarterly Report + JOBS Act + Mobile/Social Gaming
April 12, 2012

The Q1 Tech M&A Report includes metrics for 26 software market sectors under the broad categories of horizontal, vertical, consumer, infrastructure, Internet and IT. Plus, learn from Corum analysts why the JOBS Act recently passed in the US has major positive implications for Tech M&A internationally. Then hear about the "feeding frenzy" in social and mobile gaming, capped by Zynga's recent acquisition of OMGPOP for $200 Million. Jim Perkins of Duke Nukem fame has a special report on this very active sector. 

We're also joined by three sellers who have recently come through this hot market: Charles Bell of Intego Software, acquired by Critical Alert systems; Larry Gerdes of Transcend, acquired by Nuance for $200 million; and Michael Carden of Sonar6, acquired by Cornerstone OnDemand.

Forecast 2012, Part III: Private Equity Panel, "The Facebook Effect"
March 8, 2012

Part III of "Forecast 2012" focuses on the increasing role of Private Equity in the Tech M&A Market. PE now accounts for 40% of the largest deals, often outbidding the strategic buyers. With over $500 billion in uncommitted funds, this trend will continue and driving up valuations and impacting the competitive landscape. Is your market on their radar? How can you get direct interest from Private Equity? What about from a portfolio company? Find out from our live panel of leading global PE firms, including Carlyle, Edison, Kennet and others.  

Forecast 2012, Part II: Sellers' Panel, New Taxes & "VC"
February 2, 2012

2012 will be a banner year for Tech M&A - are you ready to cash in? Get the insight you need today on positioning, finding buyers, and negotiating the transaction you deserve at the Annual Sellers' Panel. It's chock full of secrets for deal success from a panel of CEOs in software and related tech firms like yours who just sold. And, after the sale, how do you keep your millions from the clutches of the new tax laws? Hear from the leader, U.S. Trust: "Building on Success - Business Succession and Estate Planning". As a bonus, VC 2012 - where's Venture investing now? Is there some earmarked for you? Plus the latest deals and valuations update.

Forecast 2012: Global Tech M&A Review & Predictions
January 12, 2012

Hear from a luminary panel including leaders from Google, IBM, Salesforce, RIM, Concur and others for their annual review and predictions for software, IT and related technology. What are the trends in SaaS, Mobile, Social, Cloud, and Gaming that will affect you? Also includes complete valuation metrics and predictions for all 26 market sectors--plus, fresh from CNBC's Power Lunch, Corum's "2012 - Deals To Watch For." 

The year-end industry luminary panel included Dan Shapiro of Google, T.A. McCann of RIM, Peter Coffee of Salesforce, Steve Singh of Concur, Reese Jones of Singularity University and Chris Bray of IBM, outlining what you need to know for 2012.

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