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Buffett/IBM, Patents, Yandex, and Israel Rising
December 1, 2011

Bruce Milne takes a look at Warren Buffett's recent power play and exactly what it means for the rest of us. Elon Gasper gives a presentation on new patent legislation, how it can cost you money, and how it can affect your M&A strategy. Corum Research team member Alina Soltys looks at the Google of Russia, Yandex, and how their acquisitions reveal their strategy for the future. 

Our featured guest speakers all relate to the business boom coming out of Israel, and we present Q&A, strategy sessions, and advice from both guests and our own experts on how you can use Israel's powerful position to benefit your own strategy and placement in the industry. 

Mobile Madness, Cash Glut and Japan's Buying
November 3, 2011

There is a lot of money out there and there are ways to bring it to your company! Bruce Milne and the rest of the Corum team look at the incredible amount of cash available in the market, including the more than $4 trillion dollars in sovereign money the top ten nations are hoarding. The Corum Research gives an overview of the market in October, and Tomoki Yasuda looks at the strong buying trends coming out of Japan.

Finally, guest speakers Jonas Gyllensvaan and Vijay Tella talk about their experiences selling their companies thanks in part to the mobile boom. Discover how even tangential association with this exploding market can boost your sale potential.

Q3 Update, Amazon On Fire, and M&A Report
October 6, 2011

We take a look back at the rollercoaster third quarter of 2011 and look at how that volatility has affected the rest of the market. This webinar features a special report: "Amazon of Fire!" with guest keynote Raju Gulabani, VP of Amazon Web Services. Plus, a seller's panel with speakers from Zite and Contactual, as well as Ten Reasons Why Tech Will Prevail. 


All that plus the insight of the Corum Index from Corum's own research team, a look back at the month that was, and indispensable wisdom from our own experts. 

Market Volatility, Deal Structure, and Asia Field Report
September 1, 2011

This September webinar includes field reports from around the globe, with a focus on Asian markets, as well as a seller's panel featuring John Heyman and Jeffrey Smith, and the Top Ten Questions you need to be asking if you're trying to make a deal. 


Also, get perspective on the current state of the market with our overview, a view on the similarities and differences between 2008 and this year, and, of course, the Corum Index report from our research team. 

Deal Disaster vs. Optimal Outcome
August 4, 2011

80% of self-managed M&A efforts to sell tech companies don't work - many even destroy value in the process. How can you ensure an optimal outcome for the most important transaction of your life? 

This rapid-fire, 60-minute Tech M&A Monthly, featured an international panel of 20 deal-makers and CEOs. Stories about rising from the ashes of Deal Disasters and achieving an Optimal Outcome for themselves and their companies.

All this plus Q&A, the Corum Index, plus a special report on the Seattle Casual Connect games conference.

Mid-Year Review, Trend Watch, Seller's Panel
July 7, 2011

The past six months of 2011 have been a banner year for software and tech M&A, and the Corum Research team looks at both trends and landmark deals of the past six months, with an eye on where the market is headed next. 

Don't miss our seller's panel, with Founders, COs and COOs of in-demand companies in exciting spaces like mobile finance, flash sales and social networking.
All this plus Q&A, the Corum Index, and a global market overview!
Social War, Social Sellers, Alternative Exits
June 2, 2011

The Social battles are heating up with monster valuations, Google taking on Facebook, and Zynga's string of acquisitions. Corum brings you up to speed on this rapidly-developing market segment, including a look at the big players, and how these deals can affect you. 

AND: The Social analysis continues with blogger star Rob Scoble's perspective, as well as stories from Social Sellers, CEOs whose companies were acquired by Google and Facebook. 

PLUS: The Corum Index, an international market overview, and an hour's worth of insight from the best in the business.

Cloud Strategy and Patent Power
May 5, 2011

The Cloud continues to be a driving force, and in light of security concerns and scandals, keeping up to date is vital. A fresh perspective on what you need to know, including the players and what they're buying can help keep you from being Cloud Road Kill. Two recent Cloud sellers will tell their stories and give tips on how to do the same yourself, and John Melotte talks about the Cloud in Europe.

PLUS: As monster companies like Google and Microsoft begin to acquire companies just for their patents, what do you need to know? Corum's Elon Gasper brings his years of wisdom and expertise to the issue.

Tech M&A Quarterly + Oracle - Acquisition & Domination + Hyper Valuations + "Australia - Opportunity Down Under"
April 7, 2011

Join us for our most in-depth M&A Quarterly Report ever -- all the news and trends that affect global technology leaders with detailed valuation metrics on 26 market sectors in software, IT and related technology. With the M&A market rocketing we'll review "Hyper Valuations" - are we in a bubble? What could reverse the explosive run-up in pricing? Have your questions ready to ask our experts.

PLUS: With Oracle's latest wins on Wall Street, we'll look at "Larry Ellison's 10-Point Plan for World Domination." Could Oracle's strategy to substantially invest in acquisitions provide an exit for your company? Hear from those who've sold to Oracle and dealt with Larry Ellison, plus Robert Faulkner, leading tech analyst at UBS.

AND: A special report, with personal anecdotes from attendees of our recent Sydney Merge Briefing -- "Australia - Opportunity Down Under." Great companies and technology impacting the world.

“Private Equity Leaders + Mega Deals”
March 3, 2011

Hear from a world-class panel of Private Equity investors what they are buying in 2011! Is your company a fit for their portfolios? Private Equity cannot be ignored - with more than double the combined cash of all strategic buyers, they often outbid them.

      Rob Arditi, Norwest Venture Partners 
      Alex King, HgCapital 
      Ian Blasco, Riverside Partners 
      Doug Alexander, ICG continues the conversation. Don't miss hearing the trends that will affect you from private equity's leading research firm.

AND "Mega Deals" -- How do they affect your market, value and salability? PLUS the M&A Monthly technology update on valuations and market trends you need to know.

“Sellers’ Panel + Mini Mergers + China Update”
February 3, 2011

What's it like to sell to Google? Or an Asian, European or Private Equity buyer? How do you get through the process to achieve maximum value? Hear from four who just did it in this live panel from software, IT, internet, mobile and related technology companies. Q&A – of course!

      Mike Taylor, CEO of Instantiations who sold his firm to Google 
      Laurent Othacehe, CEO of 360 Solutions, acquired by IFS 
      David Geller, CEO of WhatCounts, purchased by Mansell 
      Investor, Call Center Solution Provider

Plus, with recent secondary funding, Chinese buyers are projected to be among the most active this year. And, even the smallest deals are getting done. Thus, two special reports this month, “China Rising” and “Mini Mergers” following our monthly global M&A update.

“Forecast 2011 - New Year, New Economy”
January 11, 2011

Led by a panel of industry luminaries, market leaders and visionaries, this webinar reviews 2010 and forecasts 2011. Who were the biggest buyers? Where are they investing $200bn? In-depth analysis by 26 Sectors, plus valuation predictions – what are the trends that will affect you? And, special section: “Warp Speed” - insights from the fastest growing companies in the world! PLUS: Top 10 Predictions from the World Technology Council.

Following a market overview and the economic forecasts for the coming year, a team of four top researchers review 2010 deals that changed our world, plus 2011 valuation predictions broken down by 26 segments by major market: Mobile, IT Services, Consumer Applications, Infrastructure, SaaS, and Internet. Then, hear predictions and insights from an elite panel of industry leaders. Plus, top predictions from the World Technology Council – there are some surprises!

  In addition to global experts in tech M&A, speakers include:

      Ric Merrifield, Microsoft scientist - cloud computing specialist
      Charles Rim, last year’s Google keynote speaker
      Reese Jones, founder of Netopia and venture strategist
      Ping Luo, VanceInfo - world’s fastest growing company
      Jessica Tams, founder of the Casual Gaming Association
      David Lucatch, Ortsbo - viral growth phenomenon

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