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Tech M&A Update + Cloud + HP
December 2, 2010

For this Tech M&A Monthly, a special report on the world's largest computer company - HP. In addition to a market update and valuation metrics on six major sectors, we will also profile "Cash in the Cloud" - how do Cloud acquisitions affect your value? Finally, how do you win the negotiating game?

Our special guest speaker, one of the top-rated enterprise software analysts in the world, tells where he predicts HP is going and why! His presentation is supplemented by an analysis of HP's recent acquisitions - totaling over $8 Billion - every one of them a game changing alliance that affects your company.

It seems like everyone claims to be a Cloud company or have a Cloud strategy. How real is it and how does it affect your value? Hear from the pros as they dissect 15 recent Cloud deals? Plus, how to negotiate with the giants and win! 

Tech M&A Update + IBM + "Structuring the Deal"
November 4, 2010

The market’s explosive with rising valuations - even the smallest companies are selling. Find out why. Then, industry giant, IBM – “Big Blue” is bigger than Microsoft and Apple combined, and with their stock at a new all-time high, they are buying! PLUS, special report, “Structuring The Deal” - critical new deal structure, tax and liability information that every seller must know in this market.

IBM has more patents than any other U.S. company and has done over 100 transactions this past decade. Find out where this giant is headed and how it affects you. Additionally, why is the shelf life of new companies becoming shorter? What does it mean for investors and you? Finally, structure is more important than price – too many transactions die because owners don’t know the structure traps. Learn the secrets of how to do the optimal deal at the Tech M&A Update webinar with leading speakers from around the world.

M&A Quarterly + Selling to Google
October 7, 2010

Google is on a record buying binge in 2010 – 23 companies in 9 months! Could yours be next? As industry leader, Google's bought businesses as diverse as Jambool (virtual economy), Instantiations (programming tools), and Picnik (graphics). Find out from the experts just what it takes to sell to Google.

PLUS: Will the record influx of cash into the M&A market impact your company? How will Q3 trends affect your business for the remainder of this year and into 2011? Join our M&A experts for an update of Q3 activity in the major application markets – Horizontal, Vertical, Consumer, Infrastructure, Internet and IT Services – segmented by valuation and into 26 sectors.

Tech M&A Monthly - "MEGA Mergers + Deal Survival + European Buyers"
September 2, 2010

Corum President Nat Burgess, fresh from his appearance on CNBC's "Closing Bell", and other Tech M&A experts for Corum's regular monthly update on tech M&A speak, PLUS special reports on: "MEGA Mergers: How will the recent mergers by industry giants affect YOUR company", "Live from Munich: Update on major European buyers", and “Bucking the Trend: Secrets to a Successful Strategic Acquisition” or, as some call it, “Surviving the Deal", including a special case study of one of the most successful software mergers of all time, EMC's acquisition of Data Domain.

Kicked off with a global market update – what are the trends that affect your business now, followed by the Corum Index on valuation metrics for six major market segments. Then, live from Munich, an update on the major European buyers: What are they buying now – is your firm a target?

Last, a VIP panel on how your merger can be the one that works, including a special case study on one of the most successful acquisitions ever - Data Domain by EMC.

Tech M&A Monthly - "SOLD!"
August 5, 2010

In addition to Corum’s monthly global M&A Update, Corum’s most popular annual event..."SOLD!" A panel of Tech Company CEO's who just sold their firm talk. PLUS, M&A advisors address the impact to valuation if you are SaaS?

Tech M&A deal-making is HOT, with closings happening in every sector, everywhere. In addition to Corum’s monthly M&A market update, global trends and Corum Index on valuations, this webinar includes a special Sellers Panel: CEO's from firms in software, IT, internet, mobile and related technology who have successfully sold - privately held companies just like yours. Listen to the recording and hear their stories of how the new rules of M&A affected them, and the surprising range of global partners. How did they get the attention of these giant public buyers and sophisticated Private Equity firms? How were they able to improve value, while reducing liabilities? How tough was negotiation and due diligence? What were the surprises?

Tech M&A Monthly - "Forecast 2010: Mid-Year Update"
July 8, 2010

The 10th Annual Mid-Year Executive Briefing profiles 22 Tech M&A market segments, the latest valuation trends, a special update on China deals, PLUS guest speaker from Microsoft.

The first half of 2010 has started off with a bang - more firms are going to market than any time since the dotcom boom. Find out why in Corum’s most in-depth Mid-Year Forecast ever as the experts tell you what to expect in Q3-4; plus, Microsoft's viewpoint on the trends!

Tech M&A Monthly - EMC
June 10, 2010

USA Today headlined "Frenetic" tech M&A, referencing Corum. Corum shows a private briefing on valuation metrics and why sellers are partnering to avoid the impact of the new tax laws. PLUS, special guest, EMC, provides an update on what this Top 10 acquirer is looking for now.

Despite the volatility of the stock markets, sovereign debt, and other uncertainties, M&A in software, IT, internet and related technology is very strong. Find out why, who the NEW BUYERS are, and what the new tax laws mean to you - it's dramatic! Additionally, Matt Olton, V.P. of Corporate Development of EMC, discusses the acquisition strategy of this "Quiet Giant" - is your firm a target?

Tech M&A Monthly - "Asia Rising"
May 6, 2010

Is there an Asian investor, partner or buyer in your future? In addition to Corum’s monthly M&A market and valuation update, this webinar features a global field report, PLUS a special presentation on the increasing influence of the Asian tech players.

Learn who the players are in Asia, what they are looking to buy or invest in, and how you can be attractive to them. Additionally, hear from experts on India, China and Australia and learn about the surprising growth in the Arab countries.

April M&A Monthly Special Presentation - "How to Sell Your Company Now!"
April 1, 2010

With a record rise in volume and valuations, 2010 may be the best year for M&A in the last decade. In this episode, Corum presents the new rules and new players that define today’s global market.

In addition to “How to Sell Your Company Now!” Corum present its monthly valuation update on software, IT, internet and related technology companies; including Google’s March acquisition of photo editor, Picnik. For more information here is a look at the TIME article about the landmark acquisition, which quotes Nat Burgess, Corum’s President.

March Tech M&A Report - Private Equity: The Biggest Buyer of All!
March 4, 2010

In addition to a market and valuation update for software, IT, internet and related technology March 2010, hear from an elite panel of leaders in Private Equity (PE): David Golob, Francisco Partners, San Francisco; David Reuter, LLR Partners, Philadelphia; Michael Wand, Carlyle Group, London.

Where are they investing? How can you get their interest -- directly or through one of their portfolio companies? Private Equity cannot be ignored; with more than double the combined cash of all strategic buyers, they often outbid them, dramatically affecting consolidation before the credit crunch.

February M&A Flash Report - Software and IT Industry Market Update
February 4, 2010

Software, IT, internet and related technology companies have had a fast start in 2010. Cash rich Strategic Buyers are again competing with the Private Equity buyers for mega deals. Learn from the industry's leading experts what's hot in the new year, who's buying, and why.

For the past decade, the second most active buyer in the industry has been Cisco, with plans to keep at the top of the leader board for the next decade. Hear about their strategy from special guest speaker, Rob Adams, head of business acquisitions at Cisco.

January M&A Flash Report - Forecast 2010
January 20, 2010

Are you ready for the next decade? Corum shows how with a global market update, in-depth report on 22 software sectors, and a 2010 forecast, plus predictions for the coming year from six industry leaders, and insights into "What are the trends in the next decade that will make you rich in software, IT, internet or related technology?"

This annual event is sponsored by the Corum Group, now in 2010 celebrating its 25th year helping clients realize wealth. "Experience Makes The Difference". In the past two and half decades, participants at Corum's educational events have executed over one trillion dollars in transaction value.

quotesThe Corum people were professional - smart, discerning, sharp, and experienced with a negotiating style that was clearly win-win. I'm glad Corum was on my side.quotes

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