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This month: join us for Corum's monthly webcast, an in-depth report on the state of the software, internet and IT M&A industry. 
Since 2008: view archives of Corum's Monthly Webcast, featuring guest speakers from Google, Cisco, and other leading acquirers of software and IT companies. Hear directly from the leaders in software and IT M&A.

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2007 - 2008
Below are some of our past Weekly M&A Updates and Forecasts that Corum has archived. Please contact us if you need to reference any additional ones:

Q4 2008


Complete Software and IT M&A Briefing and Forecast 2009


Horizontal Application Software Market

    Market Overview
    Business Intelligence (BI) Transactions
    Communications (Horizontal) Transactions
    Content Management (CM) Transactions
    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Transactions
    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Transactions
    Human Resource/Capital (HR and HCM) Transactions
    Supply Chain Management (SCM) Transactions
    Other Horizontal Transactions


Vertical Application Software Market

    Market Overview
    A/E/C (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) Transactions
    Energy and Environment Transactions
    Financial Services Transactions
    Government Transactions
    Healthcare Transactions
    Other Vertical Market Transactions


Consumer Application Software Market
    Market Overview
    Digital Content Transactions
    Gaming and Entertainment Transactions


Infrastructure Software Market
    Market Overview
    Communications (Infrastructure) Transactions
    Development Tools Transactions
    Legacy / Software Oriented Architecture (SOA) Transactions
    Network Management Transactions
    Security Transactions
    Storage Transactions
    Systems Management Transactions
    Virtualization Transactions
    Other Infrastructure Transactions

Internet Market
    Market Overview
    Infrastructure Transactions
    Pure Play Transactions


IT Services and BPO Market - IT M&A
    Market Overview
    IT Services and BPO Transactions

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