"Israel Rising!" Special Report With Guest Software Leaders Roy Golding and Josef Mandelbaum for Live Tech M&A Webinar "Buffett/IBM + Patents + Yandex + Israel Rising"

Date: 28 November 2011
Corum Group, Ltd.

Corum Group, the international leader in software and technology merger and acquisition services, is proud to announce its next exclusive monthly web event, "Buffett/IBM + Patents + Yandex + Israel Rising" on December 1, 2011, at 1 p.m (NY Time). Guest panelists include Josef Mandelbaum of Incredimail (Perion), which acquired SmileBox, and Roy Golding of TelMap, which sold to Intel, to discuss the software and technology scene among Israeli companies.

"Stock markets are down, but Tech M&A is up," explains Daniel Holland, Corum's Senior Marketer. "Q4 looks great. In the December Tech M&A Monthly, an international panel of M&A experts will explore what's driving valuations for software, IT and related tech companies, including boosts coming from unlikely global buyers in Russia and Israel. Plus, find out how Warren Buffett's $11 billion bet on IBM will affect Tech M&A, and hear a 'must know' report for tech CEO's that sheds insight on the new Patent Laws."

Corum's monthly Tech M&A web events always feature the Corum Index, a discussion on current trends and business valuations in the tech M&A sector, with information broken down into 6 market segments and 26 separate sub-categories. This allows executives from every field to see specifically where their company is trending with up-to-the-moment statistics. The Corum Index discussion features Corum's own research team, who measure recent M&A activity against long-term trends, and offer insight on what to expect in coming months.

The web event will end with a Q&A session, including members of the seller's panel, so that attendees can get information directly from the source. Participants are welcome to send in their questions via Webex, as Corum researchers and deal makers will also participate, providing an excellent opportunity for those hesitant about M&A to find out how to get started, and what trends to bet on. Questions that are not answered during the web event will be responded to via personal contact afterward.

This web event will be broadcast live on December 1, 2011, starting at 1 p.m. (NY Time). Participants are encouraged to register early, as space is limited. Two rebroadcasts for European and Asian audiences are scheduled for December 8, at 3:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. (NY Time).

Registration for the December Tech M&A Monthly webinar is free of charge, but space is limited. To register, visit https://mergersandacquisitions.webex.com  

About Corum Group

With headquarters in Seattle and Zurich, Corum Group has completed more Tech M&A transactions than anyone other M&A firm globally. As a tech M&A leader, Corum also sponsors more than 100 educational events for tech executives every year, and has hosted seminars on building value and tech M&A in 32 countries.

Corum Group has recorded hundreds of transactions and has helped generate billions of dollars in wealth. Corums primary deal-makers are all former software CEOs, and insure more smooth mergers and acquisitions processes than any other M&A advisors. From Silicon Valley to Seattle to international deals across Europe and in Asia, the totality of the merger and acquisition process, are within the purview of Corum's M&A advisers.

About Corum Web Events

Corum Group hosts a monthly webinar featuring up-to-date content and statistics reflecting both the M&A market of the last month, and perspective on where it is going. Webinars feature guest speakers, including acquisition executives from companies like Google, Microsoft, and HP, as well as private equity investors, and executives from recently acquired companies. Regular segments on Corum's web events also include the Corum Index, an overview of the tech industry with an eye on tech M&A and business valuation trends, panel discussions, and Q&A.

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