I was just catching up on current events regarding the ongoing, and at this point, never-ending Euro-debt Crisis, and discovered this totally cool, interactive timeline giving an overview of the last three years of relevant events.

Check it out at the Guardians website: http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/interactive/2012/oct/17/eurozone-crisis-interactive-timeline-three-years

There is a ton of information, presented in a great format and fun to run through, so enjoy it.

BTW, it only goes up to Nov. 1 as of this posting, so one update worth noting is that last night (around midnight Nov. 7), Greece passed yet another austerity package. This one is for €13.5b, after what Graeme Wearden of the Guardian said was a tense vote, a long debate, and occasional moments of farce in the Athens assembly.

As to my opinion, this was as I expected and I dont think this protest--approve new austerity package--protest--approve new austerity package pattern in Greece will change any time soon. I suggest everyone finally get used to it, and not panic and sell your shares when another headline regarding Italy, Spain or Greece pops up on your home web page. European leaders are committed to maintain the Euro regardless of the cost, and it makes sense ultimately so, it will not fail.