As we discussed in a recent webcast, the Executive Summary is possibly the most important document you will ever craft in business. You and your adviser need to write a concise, clear Executive Summary that crystalizes the unique opportunity your company presents to buyers. This document should follow the best practices we have discussed, so mapping your presentation in alignment to the Executive Summary will save significant time in communicating that value.


It is crucial to have consistent positioning in all buyer communications, too; the Executive Summary, the presentation, and all follow-up correspondence must be as tightly aligned as possible.  If your messaging is not succinct and doesn't convey a consistent value, buyers will see that as a sign that the company doesn't have a clear direction and will be wary of moving forward with discussions. Knowing your value, communicating it regularly, consistently and supportively through all forms of interaction with the buyer is a testament to your professionalism and capabilities.                                                                                                                                               

Taking the appropriate time to create your Executive Summary, your presentations and all communications is invaluable to the success of the M&A process. Be precise and concise—buyers will appreciate your clarity and thoughtfulness.

This is just one of the many important factors when meeting with your potential acquirer. Keep an eye here as we go into further detail about other tips for your presentation.