During the recession, M&A slowed, with many firms not getting the offers they had hoped for.  But things are different now. With a resurgent economy, tech stocks up, global bidders and record cash hoards, private tech companies are getting good offers, often multiple ones. The larger strategic companies are being driven by the likes of Google making record numbers of acquisitions, and the Private Equity firms with over $500 Bn. to spend.  For this reason, there is more interest in M&A than any time in the last decade. Further, with the tax laws changing next year, 2012 will be the year for many firms to sell. We will be covering all 26 market sectors on Thursday, April 12 in our Quarterly Report (1:00 PM NY Time). This will be Corums largest quarterly report ever. The 60-minute conference is free, so come to find out what your company is now worth. View the recording here.