With our constant dependence on technology, losing connectivity can be a disaster. Its rare that people leave home or work without their cell phones or some access to the internet, e-mails and other means of communication so crucial to our everyday lives. When we do lose connection, it can turn our days upside down - wasting time, missing deadlines and those important e-mails we have been waiting for. Thats why people depend on so many different technology devices - when one stops working, we have 3 or 4 backups to do the job.

But when the internet at home or the computer server at work is down, it prohibits us from doing most things and the number of devices we have becomes irrelevant. Sure we can get on our smart phone, but what if we are somewhere without cell reception? Our reliance on technology become greater as every year there are new devices that do ever more. How did people live without these items and a constant internet connection years and years ago? The younger generation will never know, nor do we want to know.