We were fortunate enough to have Stefan Fountain, Founder and CEO of Soocial which was recently acquired by Viadeo, join us for our December webinar -- http://www.corumgroup.com/Software-MA-Webinar-Archive.aspx.

Soocial's name grew out of a joke, when the founders realized that the internet giants, Google, Facebook, and Yahoo!, all had double Os in their names. The reasoning behind the company itself was that while we build substantial social networks online, there's only a limited number of people that we're really connected to, and those contacts are in our phones.

Soocial allows you to back up and synch your phone contacts with other address books online, which offers, among other things, an invaluable backup for your personal contacts.

When Soocial finally did sell, it wasn't to a household name but rather to a European social network that is very big in France, Viadeo.

When asked what the keys were to the company's acquisition, Fountain had the following to say:

...there are two elements there. I think the one is a balanced enthusiasm, understanding what their vision is and really trying to get behind that vision and seeing if it aligns with your own. The other...is playing hard to get a little bit.